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update 8/14 Helllo!! I didn’t want to have to make this announcement but here it is: I’ll be updating this upcoming weekend instead of later today. The short story is that I was moving out of my apartment via the commuter rail and while lifting one of my heavier bags when rushing off the train my wrist got hurt. I’m a weakling. It definitely feels a lot better today, but unfortunately the page was at a state where I just didnt feel ready to post >.<

I’m visiting my friend in Seattle this week (IF spirit airlines ever gets their shit together- I’ve been at ORD since 6am today, and it’s currently 5:30... pm) and won’t be returning until Saturday morning... so no comicking for me. I think my wrist will be fine by then. I’m sorry for starting off this chapter this way and hope to see you guys on Sunday!! ♥️ ————————-///-///

Hey guys! It's been nice having some time off from the comic and to focus on other art for a change, but I'm definitely excited to pick things back up on Tuesday~ I spent a bunch of time this last week finalizing the outline of the chapter, and I really hope you all like it.

This is the first of many world-building pages that I'll sprinkle in throughout chapter breaks. It's good to try and feed information in naturally through the comic's plot and dialogue, but I think having a couple info pages will help too. Here's a bit of the logistics behind the magic system that Hadian and Felix use.

I also have some exciting personal news to share! As I mentioned at the start of summer, I've been interning at a company I like a lot, and I received a verbal return offer for full time this morning!! I'm going back for my final semester of college in a few weeks and it's just such a relief to not have to worry about recruiting. This also means that I'll have so much more free time, which I can spend, in part, on things like this comic. YAY.

See you all in a couple of days :D

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